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About us

We are 150 individuals living for mechanics

About GBS International

Customer focus should not be a department, it should be the entire company.

We are technical perfectionists. Innovators. Customer driven. We always improving working on our services and our offer of products. And we are always busy with questions like “how can we improve our customer focus” and “how can we make this better”. 


“Wouldn’t it be great if on a summer evening, we would look at our company with our customers and think: ‘it’s a beautiful company that we have built together. We can be proud of this’”.

With this picture in his mind, an entrepreneur acquired the company Schaaf- en Boorwerk Rotterdam in 2008. From that moment onwards, a handful of engineers started focusing on maintenance and repair of gearboxes. The ambition and passion for mechanical engineering allowed the company to grow from a handful of employees to 150 people in just a little over a decade, having a total of four locations throughout the Netherlands. 


Our key values
  • Customer focus

​We think the key to our growth has been our determination to put the customer in first place. We changed the structure of the organisation as such that we can provide 24/7 worldwide support. Furthermore, we changed our attitude towards the customer from “we are the experts here, tell us what your issue is and we will help you”, to “how can I be one step ahead in helping the customer with his challenge”.


  • Transparency

Being clear about your intentions always goes a long way. At GBS we have no hidden agenda. Not towards our customers, not towards our employees. It might not have served us always in the short term, but we think that building long term relationships is far more important.


  • Thinking in possibilities

It is for a reason that this has been our slogan in the last couple of years. Being engineers at heart, we always tend to see roadblocks. Yet, by thinking in possibilities, we often have found unexpected solutions for difficult problems of which we first thought we could not solve them. 


  • Non-traditional hierarchy

We want everyone in our company to be equal. Good ideas come from everywhere. That is why we do not have managers in our organization and we always encourage employees to think for themselves.


  • Innovative

When we were young, we all liked to play with Lego bricks, trying to build something and see if it turned out as we imagined it. Not much has changed, except that we are adults now. Within GBS we still encourage to experiment and see whether something turns out the way we thought it would. Often, it leads to useful applications.


  • Engineering runs in the genes

Out of the 150 employees, more than 95% is a mechanical engineer at heart. Thus, we do everything through our passion for engineering rather than for the money. 

About GBS Asset Optimization Services

As a company specialized in gearbox maintenance, it would be in our best financial interest if our customers spend a lot of their operational budget on exactly that – whether they like or can afford it, or not.

However as mentioned before, GBS is committed to being the best technical services company in the Netherlands; for us as employees to work for, and for our customers to do business with.

This is why we take industry trends seriously, feedback from our customers to heart and as a result we developed a portfolio around it. We want to be of value to your operation, with our small team of dedicated and highly specialized engineers.

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