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GBS calculation tool

Estimate what optimizing your assets can mean for your organization

Calculation tool

A quick way to roughly estimate the best decision for your assets.

The graphic below shows how recovery costs increase exponentially over a short amount of time as equipment ages and indicators of wear and tear are neglected – and how the various Optimization Services compare to each other in terms of asset value and Optimization quality.

The lines do not cross each other randomly; note from that point forward all critical values increase – (recovery) cost, investment and quality, but also risk and complexity – and therewith the impact of your decision and the importance of independent and expert advice in the decision making process.


In addition to the above, GBS has developed an internal tool that can give you some guidance in making that decision, and a dressed down version of that tool has been made available online for our customers to try out. Note this online version is to be used for a basic determination for recommended Asset Optimization visit frequency and no rights can be derived from the outcome of any calculation.         


For detailed visualization on return-on-investment and risk exposure, explanation on calculation methods used, for quotations and for recommendations on assets exceeding € 100.000,00 please contact GBS for a consultation.

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