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Digital optimization

From a simple low cost solution up to 24/7 online support

The challenge with digital optimization

There are a lot of online and offline – and even remote – Digital Optimization solutions available these days with each its own name, reputation, range and price tag. This is a good thing and the use of any system can only be applauded, but all the options can cause confusion making you unable to see the forest for the trees.

As a brand independent entity in this market place, the Asset Optimization group of GBS like no other is positioned to give you un-biased recommendations and can assist in the selection, sourcing and supply, installation, programming and analytics after you have made your choice.

The GBS calculation tool presents a nice guideline for the selection of the right technology, as it takes important aspects such as lifecycle cost, replacement cost, operating hours, lead time and cost of downtime into account in the selection. After all, the value of an asset is not only determined by its price – albeit it is an important contributor.


Find out which Digital Optimization solution is the best fit for you, or contact us via C.Burg@GBS.International.

Offline monitoring

Lots of investments are made in mobile equipment and knowledge on site, making it possible to learn about a machine condition without having to shut it down or even having to open an inspection cover. Usually this is part of a Routine Optimization schedule, with which GBS can be as involved as you want for support. This is a step in the right direction, but leaves you vulnerable in between two measurements as 1) not having or being able to open up the drive leaves critical elements uninspected and 2) it assumes a constant in duty cycle and pattern development, therewith excluding ‘events’. Imagine it being a routine to take measurements every 1st Monday every two months, and on day 15 after the first measurement an event occurs, you will not find out about it until 1.5 month later, at which time severe consequences are to be expected. Increasing the frequency helps to mitigate this, but is costly. A simple sensor with LED indication, can alert an operator the same day of a change in condition, therewith potentially preventing irreversible damage. GBS Asset Optimization offers two solutions for offline monitoring; the early-detection sensor and the premium sensor.

Autonomous early-detection sensor

In general the autonomous early-detection sensor by itself works best with an asset with a relatively low replacement cost, and that is being used in an uncomplicated process and in the low-to-medium torque range. The early-detection can best be compared with the ‘check engine’ light in a motor vehicle; it is an economic solution for an asset that likely needs very little attention over the course of its lifetime, but for which it is somewhat important to have an indication ahead of time when something is about to happen.  As complexity and value increases it is recommended to combine the sensor with an Optimization Routine, so that also visual indicators can be taken into account with maintenance planning. The GBS calculation tool provides insights in recommended inspection frequencies relative to asset value. In the future, eligible drives will be equipped with the sensor after being serviced at one of the GBS facilities.

Additional monitoring requirements

When the situation calls for additional parameters to be monitored (such as temperature, oil quality, of pressure), or when the drive represent a higher value for the operation or has very specific qualities – but still is relatively ‘standard’ – the premium sensor can be used. In terms of functionality the two sensors are the same, but the premium is more powerful, the beforementioned parameters can be added to the monitoring task and optionally the sensor can be integrated into a network. As a result alarms can be noted in the plant control room, and the sensor can be accessed remotely. With the sensor monitoring continuously, it also opens the possibility for trending.  

Make the right decision

Our team looks forward to having a conversation with you, about for which application the premium sensor is the best solution for your optimization challenge. We would like to point out that the use of a premium sensor in a network, whereby a digital output can communicate alarms to the DCS system and locally on the sensor basis analytic functions can be performed, is not a substitute for periodic visual inspections. Similar to the early-detection sensor it is an optimization tool – it offers reassurance in between scheduled inspections.​ At this point technology is not ready yet to measure and predict everything far ahead of time.

Offline monitoring

Online monitoring

For assets that represent the most (financial) value to your process, and for which downtime needs to be prevented at all cost and nothing can be left to chance, a continuous (24/7/365) online monitoring system is to be recommended. From your control room at all times you will have detailed access to individual drive components (to the single bearing) and their performance, and wear / tear developments. It is a system however that comes at significant cost, and the GBS calculation tool will assist you in making the right choice. For online monitoring, Asset Optimization offers three services; budget, standard, and premium.

Economy Service

The Asset Optimization Economy Service provides in the supply in and support for the installation of permanent individual sensors on your drive train for continuous and accurate measurement of critical performance parameters such as vibration, pressure, torque and temperature. GBS wants to be involved in the selection process as well, so to make the brand independent expertise of the Asset Optimization team available to make the right decisions and install your system of choice correctly, so to guarantee an optimized result. A budget system asks for detailed and extensive operator training and knowledge of the system, and alarming and trends, as the data stays on site at all times.

Premium Service

The Premium Service in addition to the Economy Service, helps you as a user in better understanding events, trends and alarms as the Asset Optimization team two times a year (different frequency upon request) will perform an analysis – on site or remote – and provide in a professional report afterwards that will elaborate on past events occurred and trends developed over time, and what future expectations are based on this for the life cycle, performance and things of that nature. These periodic reports are meaningful, as they provide in un-biased and expert insights, with which future investments and process changes can be warranted.

Premium Plus Service

With the premium Plus Service all the above is complemented with an annual visual inspection when idle, during which the complete drive train will be investigated head to toe – from foundation (bolts) and plumbing, to couplings, alignment, gearing and bearings, oil quality, (shaft) seals and the oil filtration- cooling- and pump system.  This inspection can bring issues to light that sensors for now can hardly, or are even unable to, pick up on. Especially in rough environments and heavy industries this will prove its value.

We are here to help

In the event of alarms or failure, regardless of the service chosen, our engineers are always at your disposal to support – and also analysis and reporting can be sourced on a case-by-case basis. 

Online monitoring

With all before mentioned offerings, ‘remote services’, are not included – on purpose – as we understand that data security is a big deal and requires a custom approach towards the subject.


We prefer to sit down with you first and listen to your wishes, needs and restrictions and tailor a package to that afterwards. With remote services you allow a third party like GBS access to (parts of) your operational data and you will share the responsibility for the Optimalization of your asset with that party. On a daily bases date will be reviewed, and upon alarms you will be notified immediately and a course of action will be discussed. The Asset Optimization group can make an industrial client PC available at the Oud-Beijerland (NL) office with which through a secured protocol of your choosing your online monitoring system can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Remote services

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