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Petrochemical industry

Optimize your assets to meet increasing demands

Safety and environmental laws make reliability an important aspect of operations within the industry.

How optimization can help the petrochemical industry


Much like with chemical industry, with the petrochemical industry safety and environment is a cause for being extra careful and not cutting corners on reliability. In addition to this, API regulations, ATEX directive and/or or other certification body rules apply. These rules can be restricting in terms of job-site or area access, data collection methods, and intended tools and devices. For that reason, consultation with GBS is recommended to discuss what the best optimization strategy is for a petrochemical facility, as there is no standard or definitive answer.


In the petrochemical industry both reduction and speed-up gear units are used, both of which requiring a specific approach towards optimalization. Speed-up gear units for instance have (low/zero maintenance) slide bearings and a high pressure lubrication system, where reduction gears have roller bearings and oil sump or low pressure lubrication typically. GBS has expertise in both areas and can assist in optimization visits, repair at our facility or in the field, and even testing (under load). Please see our ‘test facility’ subpage for more information and a video.


As GBS is independent and therefore knowledgeable on all brands and types, only one number needs to be on speed dial for you. Due to our uniformity in reporting technique and familiarity with the petrochemical industry, with GBS you can expect the same – quality  - result every time.


​Check back in later for best practices for petrochemical customers.

Services for the petrochemical industry

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Routine optimization visit

A routinely scheduled optimization visit is a big step forward towards a maintenance strategy based on prediction.




When changes in regulations, operating environment or production process call for modifications to your drive train, a custom optimization project can be the solution to accomplish that.

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