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Work smarter, safer and in compliance with emission laws

An Asset Optimization Specialist can determine root causes and plan ahead. In the maritime industry, this is a huge advantage.

How asset optimization can help your maritime operations

Propulsion systems on board of ships, and therefore the gear units that drive the propeller(s), are unique in a sense that they are have a lot of monitoring equipment on them, are designed not to fail (lot of redundancy) and materials used for the system are subjected to certification scrutiny by bodies like DNV or ABS due to the high risk duty they operate under. It is more important with maritime applications than with any other that safety is guaranteed as lives are at stake, and help is not typically nearby in the middle of an ocean. Regular inspections by (independent) experts are therefore mandatory.


The almost mandatory installed monitoring equipment can pick up on a condition change based on indicators like pressure, pollution and temperature and subsequently speed can be reduced or other preventive measures can be taken to take the vessel to port safely. What sensor technology however cannot do, is determine root cause and/or a path forward when a wear pattern is starting to develop. For that, an Asset Optimization Engineer is needed – preferably for an annual visual inspection similar to a dredger ahead of time or ahead of an extended dry-dock repair, or for trouble shooting in the next port of call when something happens during a journey.


Of course on a ship there are other applications above deck such as anchor windlass / mooring winches, life boat winches etcetera. These are also very important for the safe operation of a ship and in addition are subjected to sea water which has a dramatic influence on performance. The effect of the ambient conditions needs to be evaluated annually. 

GBS can also assist with custom optimization cases. Examples include but are not limited to advice with increasing PTO power, propeller shaft or gear alignment issues, re-metalling or production of slide bearings, replacing obsolete (electrical) system components, etcetera. Depending on complexity of the matter and possible involvement of classification society, cooperation with the OEM is needed.  This however does not pose a problem, and many projects have been completed this way. All we ask from you, is a chance to prove ourselves.    


Soon, you will find success stories for maritime customers here.

Services for the maritime industry

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One-time optimization visit

In some situations, a one-time optimization visit provides you with just the reassurance you need to move forward.




When changes in regulations, operating environment or production process call for modifications to your drive train, a custom optimization project can be the solution to accomplish that.

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