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Custom optimization project

A highly valued approach for your high value assets

Custom optimization project

Examples of optimization challenges

There are situations where changing process demands, loads or ambient conditions require modifications to be made to the drive train. When there is little flexibility in budget or restrictions in dimensions or footprint, a custom optimization project can be the solution. After a careful study of the challenge at hand, together with GBS Engineering the Asset Optimization team can collect the data necessary of the existing drive train using drawings, situational assessment and measurements.


Subsequently, after calculation and consideration the outcome can very well be that with only minor changes, the requested goal can be achieved. GBS has the capability in house to design and cut new gears, and therewith is able to change the mechanical ratio or to reinforce base material. The result can be increased capacity, or a higher safety factor against failure.


The housing can be machined to accommodate bigger or different bearings, in order to process higher axial or radial loads coming out of the changed process. GBS can perform a thermal calculation on your drive and when necessary engineer and retrofit a heat exchanger to dissipate additional heat. The gear unit set-up can be changed from shaft-mount to solid shaft with coupling – and vice versa. This is just a selection of solutions for challenges presented to us in the past for users in the dredging- and metals industry.


Now that we have made these studies an integral part of our offerings, we also have the capacity available to do these on a more frequent basis and for a greater variety of customers. Do note the Oud-Beijerland (NL) facility of GBS offers the possibility to test under load as well, which puts GBS in the unique position to put theory into practice.

​Examples of challenges can be:


  • Due to increase in demand, rate of production needs to go up.


  • Changing ambient temperature results in an overheating drive.


  • Drive train conveys material with a different density than designed for, and thus has to deal with higher loads.


  • Service factor on existing pump drive has proven to be insufficient.


  • Stricter environmental regulations limit noise pollution for the conveyor belt.


  • Structural vibrations in the fan lead to increased bearing wear.

As the title for this service states, this is a custom solution and so the above are examples only – we are interested to learn what challenges you are facing. Let us know on C.Burg@GBS.International and we will reach out to you.

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