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For every type of asset there is a way to get more out of it

95% of surveyed companies using Asset Optimization, achieved 9% more uptime on average.

We strive to increase the capacity of your machinery in the broadest sense.

Through intelligent use of operational data, we identify possibilities to optimize and act accordingly. Do you think this does not apply to you? Research by PwC has shown that 95% of surveyed companies using Asset Optimization, achieved 9% more uptime on average.

Operational data can be collected in person by an Asset Optimization Engineer, or by means of (permanently installed) sensor technology.

This data can be used to 1) increase life expectancy of your drive train, 2) prevent pre-mature failure of said train, 3) plan its maintenance more accurately and budget-friendly and 4) to achieve better and more productivity out of the existing infrastructure, all whilst keeping cost under control, and by continuing to comply to environmental regulations and restrictions.  

With our in-house developed GBS calculation tool, we can determine which Asset Optimization Service and its frequency is the best fit for your machine, need and budget. If necessary a custom solution can be tailored to your unique optimization challenge. Our tool also presents you with return-on-investment calculations, and visualizes cost of downtime so to justify your investment. 

We understand time is not always a luxury you can afford and therefore also in the event of a sudden failure and unscheduled downtime, we are at your disposal with on-site visual inspections, trouble-shooting, root-cause analysis and repair. With its own in-house engineering, extensive machine shop and service group, as a one-stop-shop GBS is in the best position to get you back up and running safely, swiftly and smoothly.

Mid 2020, GBS will start pro-actively to install an independent and wireless early-detection sensor on selected drives for specific industries that have been serviced at one of the GBS facilities.  These sensors are available for sale to retrofit onto your current fleet of drives, as well. With a pro-active implementation strategy, we want to accelerate the accomplishment of our aforementioned goal to increase your machine availability and operational reliability.

Our Asset Optimization Services are offered for all brands, and for all industries – on land and sea – and all over the world. Please contact us via C.Burg@GBS.International for more information or to schedule a meeting with one of our specialists.


One-time optimization visit

In some situations, a one-time optimization visit provides you with just the reassurance you need to move forward.




When changes in regulations, operating environment or production process call for modifications to your drive train, a custom optimization project can be the solution to accomplish that.

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Routine optimization visit

A routinely scheduled optimization visit is a big step forward towards a maintenance strategy based on prediction.

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Digital optimization

There are several ways to digitalize your machinery and let data drive your operation, with each one having its own advantages.

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