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Our team

Meet the specialists helping you to succeed


Colin Burg

Business Developer

Colin has many years of experience in the gearbox industry, which he gained working for companies across the globe. His passion for drive technology, customer satisfaction and strategic way of thinking make him a non-traditional sales representative.

+31 6 57 03 77 14


Roel de Vente

Asset Optimization Specialist

Roel is a specialist who enjoys to travel to the more unconventional places for optimization visits, such as wind turbines, remote mines or off-shore platforms. He has a knack for report writing and his enthusiasm for the line of business he is in, works contagious.

+31 6 22 54 02 30


Eloi van Teunenbroek

Senior Asset Optimization Specialist

With his attention to detail and endless efforts to gain a thorough understanding of an issue, Eloi is able to get to the root cause of challenges unlike any other person. Over the years he has gained ample knowledge of gearboxes which he now uses to carry out vibration analyses, amongst other things.

+31 6 21 85 39 94


Martijn Klein

Asset Optimization Specialist

If he has to, Martijn will work around the clock to help a customer out – and he always does it with a smile on his face. He is multi-talented, has a can-do attitude and is eager to learn new things every day. 

+31 6 52 17 31 43

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