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Our team

Meet the specialists helping you to succeed


Abheek Bhadury

Teststand Specialist

Abheek is a continuous innovator, particularly adept with electrical circuits. Always ready to assist, he’s also passionate about F1 and traveling. His cheerful demeanor and problem-solving skills make him invaluable. He’s yet to speak about the future, but he’s a great asset to the teststand!


Jesse Huizer

Asset Optimization Specialist

Jesse is a dedicated team player, always ready to assist and contribute. With a strong focus on results, he efficiently tackles tasks. His passion and proficiency in ChatGPT are evident. Beyond work, his cheerful demeanor uplifts the team. We have never seen him in a bad mood!


Jeroen van Kooten

Teststand Specialist

Jeroen is the muscle man of the teststand team. If it comes to strength, there's no one better. He is always looking for ways to be productive and open to learning new things. To that extent, he's always ready to help out a fellow colleague - Well unless they support Feijenoord that is.


Rick Ramsey

Teststand specialist

Rick is a bright new employee fresh out of the education system. His enthusiasm and love for his car and automobiles in general is unparalleled. Having tinkered with his own car several times, he approaches every problem with a systematic and planned manner. He loves the job so much, sometimes he forgets to eat or drink anything during the whole day.


Hugo Troost

Asset Optimization Specialist

Hugo, our dedicated colleague, brings his experience from the GBS teststand to his current role as an inspector and troubleshooter. Always with a smile, he stands ready for team and client. Currently, he's delving into vibration measurements.


Theo Dubois

Asset Optimization Specialist

Theo is a young, thorough professional and team player. Quick in visual inspections and fault diagnosis. His eager and helpful attitude makes him dependable. He loves food, always extra sauce on his sandwich.


Martijn Klein

Supervisor Asset Optimization

Martijn, with his versatile skills, handles any task effortlessly. Whether it's aligning, troubleshooting, vibration measurements, or performing a complete overhaul, he always opts for the best solution. His automotive background brings both electrical and mechanical expertise, which he passionately applies to his hobby of customizing his Mercedes s124. With his experience, he's a valuable team player who enjoys assisting and explaining things to his colleagues.


Douwe de Man

Teststand Specialist

Douwe is a true researcher, thriving on technical challenges requiring thorough research. He dives deep into the subject until he grasps and applies it. In his free time, he enjoys climbing and sailing in the summer. Douwe boosts team spirit, showing enthusiasm for others' personal or professional presentations.


Zeeshan Saeed PhD

Asset Optimization Specialist

Zeeshan, an invaluable colleague, brings expertise in vibrational analysis and gearbox machinery diagnostics. Despite limited hands-on inspection experience initially, he quickly mastered it. His technical acumen and problem-solving skills enrich project development discussions, maintaining focus and direction. Zeeshan's positive demeanor lightens the atmosphere, yet he remains dedicated and supportive in busy times, always ready to assist.

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