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Who is the best partner to discuss machine reliability with?

Choosing the right partner is crucial in setting up an optimization strategy.

Who is the best partner to discuss reliability with? How can he help me to keep my plant up and running?

A gear unit manufacturer knows its equipment, an OEM knows its machine and a system integrator the automation system. They all have knowledge about a specific part in the process. An independent expert in Asset Optimization can speak educated on the complete system. While each party serves a purpose and individually they all need to weigh in on the topic of machine availability; an expert with oversight and independent knowledge is invaluable. After all if you turn one cog the one way, the following will turn the other way. 


What can GBS do?

The GBS engineers combine decades of experience in various fields of reliability, into one team. With an in-house engineering team, own shop for machining and manufacturing, and a dedicated on-site service team all expertise is under one roof. While many claim it; GBS International really is one of the few one-stop-shops out there. With our dedication to continuous improvement and learning, we make sure we are up to speed on current events, and industry trends. Let us know if we can assist in consulting, or work with your reliability and operations team on maintenance training sessions.

GBS will always be around to help you on an as-needed basis, when you are in a pickle, and 24/7/365. It is and will continue to be the foundation of our business. We do however understand the impact something unexpected can have on your business and safety, and that you want to prevent that from happening at all cost. This is the reason Asset Optimization Services with GBS was founded; to help you and your business, contribute to its safety and increase the machine availability and productivity.


One-time optimization visit

In some situations, a one-time optimization visit provides you with just the reassurance you need to move forward.


Custom-made optimization

When changes in regulations, operating environment or production process call for modifications to your drive train, a custom optimization project can be the solution to accomplish that.

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Routine optimization visit

A routinely scheduled optimization visit is a big step forward towards a maintenance strategy based on prediction.

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Digital optimization

There are several ways to digitalize your machinery and let data drive your operation, with each one having its own advantages.

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