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Technology for your machinery

Which technology provides you with the assurances you are looking for?

Spending much money is not always the solution, investing in the right technology for the right asset at the right time however is.

Which technology provides me with the assurances I am looking for?


Granted, this is a challenging question to answer. You need to strike a balance between being financially responsible and mitigating risk. Much like with an insurance policy, the more you spend the lower your risk typically is. GBS wants you to know that spending much money is not always the solution, investing in the right technology for the right asset at the right time however is.


With the majority of OEM equipment there is a clear correlation between cost and size of equipment; higher cost for bigger equipment. For automation and sensor technology the price however, is mostly set. Weight and size of equipment it will be installed on will hardly make a difference. For that reason, high-end sensors and automation systems that are gaining in popularity really are more financially feasible for unique assets that represent and cost a great deal for the company and not so much for mid-to-high valued and less complicated assets. For this category individual and offline sensors are a better financial investment. More information can be found on our Digital Optimization page.  


What are the obstacles in using technology?


With any monitoring system involving sensors, whether high-end online or basic offline, the potentially required investment in a network infrastructure is often overlooked. The same goes for challenges one can face handling local IT protocols and corporate guidelines with regards to data sharing or cloud based services. GBS Asset Optimization can assist in the technical selection, installation and commissioning of the right technology, taking all of this into account. Also, if data security poses a threat our specialists can figure out a solution such as local read-out and offline analysis.


One-time optimization visit

In some situations, a one-time optimization visit provides you with just the reassurance you need to move forward.


Custom-made optimization

When changes in regulations, operating environment or production process call for modifications to your drive train, a custom optimization project can be the solution to accomplish that.

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Routine optimization visit

A routinely scheduled optimization visit is a big step forward towards a maintenance strategy based on prediction.

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Digital optimization

There are several ways to digitalize your machinery and let data drive your operation, with each one having its own advantages.

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