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Asset Optimization Services

Get the most out of your machinery!

GBS Asset Optimization can help you!

More life

Extend the life of your machinery by using data to steer your process and influence your decision making.

Different life

Changing environmental or operating conditions call for performance parameter adjustments, and data can help you to determine which knobs to turn, levers to pull and by how much.

Better life

Prevent unscheduled downtime, and reduce operating cost by spending resources on what you need, when the data predicts you need it.

Why GBS International?


The brand, size or condition of your gearbox is not that important to us. We are familiar with all of them, and have no agenda, no limits and no ties; that is what we call independent.

Independent advice


We have the knowledge and resources under one roof to help you with all your gearbox challenges; Asset Optimization, engineering, sourcing & manufacturing, and service at our facility or on-site at yours.

Your one-stop shop


Increase your uptime, grow your production rate, improve your financial performance, and plan maintenance and service more accurately with data driven Asset Optimization Services.

Less downtime


We keep you up and running, 24/7/365 and all over the world. Our hotline is open day and night, and we will work around the clock to help you with whatever your challenge is.

24/7 worldwide


We are all about making your life better, by keeping you up and running.  You will find out that we understand your priorities, and that GBS is flexible and easy to do business with.



Our team has decades of combined experience in the field of reliability and machine availability. With each individual having his own expertise, we can always provide you with a solution tailored to your challenge.

Decades of experience

Our services

We are convinced we can make a positive contribution to your machine availability objectives and cost reduction initiatives in a variety of ways. See for yourself!

Our team

We are a small team of people with a background in mechanical drive technology. We have ample field experience and in-depth knowledge about asset optimization. 

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